Excursions in Chia

19 May 2016 at 18:20

The Bed and Breakfast da Andrew Domus de Maria reposts to you of the excursions in Chia that are not to be missed.

Our Excursions in Chia

Among the beauty that does not go unnoticed, probably the most popular hike in Chia, we present Bithia.
Ancient city of the Phoenician Punic facility that is located in the village of Chia. A particularly important time, Bithia stretched along the beautiful promontory in which rises the Tower of Chia; a careful visit will enable the discovery of the remains of the walls and some homes, as much of what Bithia has to offer is still hidden in the ground. Among the finds noteworthy you will find a sandstone statue of the god Bes in bovine form, located where once stood the necropolis and a temple, now in the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. The islet adjacent to the beautiful coastline will retain traces of ancient thofet, a cremation cemetery exclusively for children died at a very young age or were born without life.

Wikipedia – Bithia (archeological site)

To explore the lifestyle and activities of everyday people who lived their Bithia, we recommend a visit to the House Museum in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Domus de Maria. Inside the structure they are exposed  archaeological finds not only Phoenician Punic but also Roman find in the territory. Inside the house museum you can also visit the reconstruction of a Phoenician and Punic tomb with grave goods.

Sardegna Cultura – Casa Museo

Incredibly fascinating vantage point is that of the Tower of Chia, born to desire of the Viceroy De Moncada in 1578. It had the main task to defend the mouth of the Rio Chia, an excellent point of water supply for pirates. Also known as Torre de saints forty de Quia probably because of the proximity of an early medieval church dedicated to the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, the Tower of Chia was always armed, equipped with guns the caliber of 6:08 libre and inhabited by a garrison of 5 people , to which they added up two other soldiers involved in moving lookout stations. 13 meters high and with a diameter of 10 meters, the tower is now within walking distance and offers to those who reach, given its look-out position, a breathtaking view.

Wikipedia – Torre di Chia

Among the excursions around Chia you cannot miss, the romantic excursion to the old lighthouse of Cape Teulada. Easily accessible, you will immerse you in the picture-postcard scenery.

Wikipedia – Faro Capo Spartivento

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